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We're all about making your customer experience awesome! We're big fans of using Human-Centered Design to do just that.

Recognized in digital and service design, we've partnered with Bancolombia, Sura, Éxito, and EAFIT.

Beyond numbers, we've expanded our services, adding design options for your services, channels, and experiences.

Xperience history

  • 2011 How it all started

    Born with a focus on customer experiences and human-centered design, we evolved into a versatile agency.

    Specializing in expanded design for services, channels, and experiences, our digital emphasis sets us apart.

  • 2016 New approach

    Our research team was born, with an ethnographic and qualitative paradigm.

    In 2017 we entered fully into UX and UI testing and assurance.

  • 2018 And then, we merged

    We joined Todo1 (now iuvity) to humanize digital connections in the financial realm.

    iuvity excels in crafting, implementing, and operating omnichannel digital solutions.

  • 2020 In recent years

    Advancing in digital services and operations, we focused on enhancing the customer-company relationship to ensure the delivery of promised value.

  • 2023 Our present

    Starting from August 2023, as part of iuvity, we have proudly joined the Constellation Software Inc. Group, headquartered in Canada.

    This group ranks among the world's largest software conglomerates, comprising over 1,000 software companies.

What We Do

Your success is our success

Over the years, we have built up an ambidextrous mindset. We have people from all different backgrounds and training working to design and manage high-impact digital services.

At Xperience, we operate at the cutting edge of digital design, constantly exploring new methodologies and embracing emerging trends to deliver innovative solutions to our clients.
Commitment is at the heart of our culture. We are committed to listening, responding, and carrying forward every project with passion and determination, providing a service that truly makes a difference.
Our dedication to excellence is reflected in every project we undertake. From conception to implementation, we strive to achieve the highest quality in every aspect of our work.

Our team

Rectangle 6741
Julián Trujillo
Rectangle 6741-1
Mateo Rodríguez
Director of Digital Products
Rectangle 6741-2
Santiago Acosta
Director of Digital Experience Services
Rectangle 6741-3
Marcos Vallejo
Director of Digital Products
Rectangle 6741-4
Lina Tamayo
Chief Operations Officer
Rectangle 6741-Dec-21-2023-08-15-30-5454-PM
Carlos Almeida
Business Development Manager

A team ready to work remotely

Our team is the driving force behind our success, embodying innovation, quality, and service excellence.

Their passion and dedication bring to life the exceptional experiences we offer to our customers.

Together, we ensure every interaction is special and meaningful, recognizing our employees as the cornerstone of our success.

Would you like to join our team?

You can also explore a wider range of services we offer at Xperience Design.

We are experts in providing personalized assistance in value creation, strategy and optimization of existing assets.